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Back in the day…

I’ve said it over and over again, come on retailers all of us plus size women are not short! There are many many women who are plus sized and TALL! We love to dress nicely and join in with all of the fashion trends of the season. So after complaining I have decided to start with this blog. So here’s a little about me, I am 5’11 and like 6’3 in heels…lol. I’ve been 5’11 since I was 14 so I have had numerous times where I just could not find fashionable clothes ANYWHERE. First it was because I was a plus sized 14-year-old, and at the time the only things in the store looked like they were for my grandma or older auntie. I never had the trend of the moment clothes or the fashion forward outfit of the season. When I was 15 I remember trying to make things work, for example I would take the stitching out the bottom of my jeans to make them longer. I was tired of rocking the high-water jeans. My idea worked for the main part but walking around with fringed bottom jeans were not the business!  I even tried sewing pieces of cut denim to the inside bottom of my jean leg…Ohhhhh boy was that wrong. I had jeans on that were one color on the legs then a whole different color demin at the bottom. As the years past, retailers like Old Navy started making tall length jeans however I literally had to stuff myself into them because their largest woman size was a 16 and I was like a 22…needless to say that didn’t work. So, my fix to this was…duh wear Mens Jeans…wait not just jeans either I went on to rock men clothing period. I was comfortable, long sleeves that were actually long, long jeans, longer torso shirts and such…I was happy! Until I got to the I want to be cute stage, which for me around the age of 17. After that I was on the hunt for the cute jeans that all the girls were wearing,  I wanted the bright colors, the girlie lace, or the sexy tight jeans. So the search began. I searched high and low for women’s jeans in long lengths. I remember going into plus sized stores and trying on all the jeans there. Nope not long enough yet…. Finally I started searching online…and YES they had tall jeans for women, YES they were cute and YES they were definitely EXPENSIVE! But were they plus sized…NO! So, the search continued….While I searched I did noticed these jeans had the  inseam length on it. Well hello size 36in inseam! Fast forward to 2000…oh my how things changed a little. Now stores were offering plus sizes in tall lengths. The inseams were now longer than 30 inches. I seen 35in, 36in, and even 37in inseams. I also found more sites on the internet catering to both plus size tall women. Now there are more places that offer stylish clothing for the taller plus sized woman.I am so excited to see comments from you guys…



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