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Pencil Skirts..Oh I LOVE them and they WORK…

Weekend Look 8/3

Weekend Look 8/3

I have always loved the look that pencil skirts give us Tall Curvy women. They frame our bodies very well. One of my outfits over the weekend included a pencil skirt and Peplum top its my favorite look. Here is a photo (sorry kinda low quality) from my camera phone. The top is from Asos here. I loved this top from when I first purchased it months ago. I love it because of the material. Its nice and thick and Made from a soft, easy-care stretch jersey fabric. Love it! The skirt is from Forever21 here. I have this pencil skirt in red and black however, I will be buying the blue and olive colors. This skirts works very well with everything. I brought a 2x not because the 1X was too small but because the 1X slit was too high! I wear this lovely skirt in the fall, winter, spring and summer, it’s very versatile. The black and tan belt was from Eloquii. Eloquii has recently closed its site. My wedges, even though you can’t really see them, are from Target here. I really did love this look and I could have dressed it up a little more with jewelry, make up and more accessories…but I wasn’t really going anywhere special..lol.


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